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The SPCA is the only Animal Welfare Organisation in South Africa which is governed by an Act of Parliament, the SPCA Act, 169 of 1993.

Every Society has to be registered with the Department of Social Development and Welfare (NPO). We receive NO government support and rely on the Public to continue in our quest for a cruelty-free South Africa.

The SPCA plays a major role in promoting and setting up of Codes of Conduct, doing research and compiling of information – using the three ‘R’s – Reduce, Refine and Replace animals in research and wildlife capacities:

  • Enforcing these codes as well as serving on numerous Committees and Welfare Groups

  • The only animal welfare organisation to be registered with the Department of Labour for qualifying inspectors

  • The only Animal Welfare Organisation with a National Controlling body – being controlled democratically by the separate Societies

  • An Animal Welfare Organisation with an executive director who is a full member of WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

  • The SPCA is the biggest / strongest local Animal Welfare Organisation in South Africa to deal with National Issues like import & export of wildlife – Tuli Elephant Case, etc.

  • An Animal Welfare Organisation which is not influenced by financial gain, but rather ensuring that principles and policies are upheld – to PREVENT CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

We would like you to know that not only will your donation directly benefit the animals in our area but – through a sharing agreement between all SPCAs nationwide – a portion will be used in other, less fortunate areas to benefit animals over a wider area. We feel sure you will approve of this outreach initiative and wish to thank you most sincerely for supporting our SPCA and the movement generally.

Please e-mail: kennels@spcanelspruit.co.za with any queries or concerns.

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